In Baños del Inca you can find two water sources with thermal water called “Los Perolitos” which give live to the touristic complex of Baños del Inca. The source located in the HOTEL& SPA LAGUNA SECA “El Tragadero”, allows us to offer you the exclusivity in an ambience of relax and privacy, specially designed for the visitors who look for tranquility and health.
The effects of these waters on the body are various and complete. Amongst the health characteristics the following are the most important ones: The stimulation of the defense of the organism, the relaxation of the stress, the soothing of the muscles, the reconstruction of the skin toning and the benefit for the joints.
The waters have proved to have a positive influence on fatigue, rheumatism, the breathing system and the nerve system. It is because of these qualities and its traditional use for millenniums that the waters have helped those who came looking for health and rest. It has shown to be a source of energy for body and mind.