Complete Treatment (includes advices about health issues) 1h 30′ S/ 172.00
Anti-stress Massage 1h 30′ S/ 133.00
Reflexology for feet (includes advices about health issues) 1h S/   90.00
Localized Massage       45′ S/   87.00
Mud Therapy 1h 30′ S/ 175.00
Facial Treatment       45′ S/   52.00
Goddess Bath       45′ S/   97.00
Hydro Massage medical herbs 1h S/   51.00
Envelopment with Aromatherapy       45′ S/   61.00
Tone Giving Application       45′ S/   56.00
Chocolate Therapy (complete treatment)  1h 30′ S/ 189.00
Chocolate Therapy (facial treatment)       45′ S/  62.00

You can realize your reservations and ask your questions at the phone +51-76-584300 or at the cellphone +51-976-389-856; You can also write to the following e-mail:

The price in US Dollar depends on the official daily exchange rate. The prices include 18% taxes and the obligatory 10% service fee.